NEW: Printavo Updates and Improvements - January 2020

New Features

Hello Print Hustlers!

Our newest version of Printavo is live.

There are a few important changes intended to improve your overall Printavo experience.

Here's what you should know.

New: Scrollbar for smaller screens


Scroll on Printavo's left navigation screen on smaller screens.

New: TSC Apparel account pricing


Use your TSC Apparel account prices within Printavo (on our Premium subscription).

Messaging improvement: Quote/Invoice threads

See new messages in the Messages tab under each Printavo Quote/Invoice for:

  • Payment Reminders
  • Payment Requests
  • Successful Customer Payments

Messaging improvement: Status Change Notification emails


Status Change Notification emails are recorded in the Invoice's Messages tab. Shows the date and time the email was sent and who corresponded (when applicable).

Messaging improvement: "Reply-to" shows your shop's name


Customers see your shop's name when they reply to a message sent from Printavo.

Fix: Printavo Merch "Mark as Fulfilled"


Use new "Mark as Fulfilled without Creating Shipping Label" button to bypass Shipping Labels and mark an order as "Fulfilled" with Printavo Merch.

Fix: "Sales By Customer" CSV export shows correct outstanding balance

See the correct outstanding balance on the "Sales By Customers" CSV spreadsheet that Printavo generates.

Fix: Successful payment emails

Get an email when a successful payment is made through Printavo, even if the customer doesn't enter a first and last name.

Fix: Printavo Merch coupons

Apply coupons only to items in a cart, not the shipping amount.

Fix: Printavo Merch link sharing in Safari

Share links to Printavo Merch stores correctly on mobile Safari browsers.

Fix: Invalid Tasks error


Duplicate an Invoice and its Tasks without an "Invalid Tasks" error.

The Printavo team at Calimuch Screen Printing Shop in San Pedro, CA
The Printavo team on-site at Calimucho Screen Printing

We've been busy at Printavo and have a lot of exciting updates and improvements to share with you in the near future.

See the latest updates written by Printavo Product Manager Mike Dorrance on our live Printavo Updates page.

Suggest ideas and offer feedback at

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Attend Printavo's PrintHustlers Conf 2020held in July in beautiful downtown Chicago.

Finally, Printavo is hiring so don't hesitate to send us your information!

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